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6/9/22: Voices of Courage: Our Purpose Is To Be Shared

Voices of Courage has so many variations of impactful guests with a powerful message. Dr. Reilly is one of them. She shares her story and her purpose so we will all know that our individual purposes are to be shared for the benefit of others.

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6/9/22: Living Unapologetically Podcast with Shekeda

Stop living the way the world is telling you to live and LIVE Unapologetically! Live fearlessly with the gifts and talents that God has given you. Time to let your God-given gifts make room for you. Be who God has called you to be unapologetic!

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6/3/22: The Empowered Woman: Badass & Unfiltered

Have you experienced trauma and are ready to see the other end of it? Listen in as Olivia interviews Dr. Anissa Reilly and shares how to turn that pain into power and realize that the life they dream of is possible.

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5/16/22: Thriving in Chaos Project: The Podcast

Dr. Anissa Reilly is a woman that has experienced a significant number of traumas that have caused have caused to embrace the Wounded Healer archetype. She is dedicated to helping individuals know they can turn life’s messes into messages of hope.

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4/27/22: It Starts With Me: Tenacity Foundation

Dr. Anissa Reilly is a woman that has experienced a significant number of traumas that have caused some to be institutionalized, suicidal, or paralyzed. With the help of God and being intentional with interrogating her habits of mind, she is on the other side of there. As a result, she is a Wounded Healer and have coined the phrase TRIUMPH-N-TRAUMA ™.

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4/1/22: Dads on Purpose: The Podcast

Are you ready to turn your trauma to triumph? Because our guest is ready to help you do just that. Our guest in Episode 73 is Dr. Anissa Reilly, the host of The Ask Dr. Reilly Show on Fox Soul. Dr. Reilly believes that we need to own our trauma to make it out of it and that's what she walks us through. Exactly how she did what she did. Join the conversation.

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